On his 170-day hike, Bob traversed 14 states and climbed 270 mountains. He began his thru-hike in Georgia in March and completed it in Maine in September. Although the AT is described as “a footpath for those who seek fellowship with the wilderness,” it is often steep, rocky, extremely demanding, and it looks nothing like a path. Less than 25% of aspiring thru-hikers are actually successful in completing the challenging nearly 2,200-mile trip. During the last 380 miles of very treacherous terrain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in Maine, he was not deterred as he hiked with a broken ankle. After you read his story of determination, you’ll have a real appreciation of his remarkable effort. This book is available for purchase at www.grauathiker.com.

About Bob "Buckeye Flash" Grau

Bob (Buckeye Flash) Grau is a retired college professor. Although he liked to exercise, he was not a hiker when he watched a documentary on public television called "Appalachian Impressions." He was attracted by the spectacular panoramic vistas the AT offered. He was captivated by the excitement of a unique adventure, and he embraced the physical and psychological challenges of the trail for nearly half a year. The whole experience completely changed his life!

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